Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thirst No. 1 - Review

I picked this book up because the cover was pretty cool and I read the back and saw that she was a five thousand year old vampire and...enough said! Well after a few pages I was getting a little bored because all Alisa was telling us was how powerful she was, how she could make any guy want her, how beautiful she was and how when she fought she could come out without a scratch... And I've got to say there were a few times I would roll my eyes. After awhile the bragging was getting old and I found myself having a hard time focus on the story and just closing it and not finishing it, but I made myself finish it.

The Last Vampire was slow and boring at times and I was finding myself having a hard time trying to finish it. With all Alisa bragging about how hot she was and how no one could beat her the book, at times, was making me tired (more like bored) and I would close it and not pick it back up for days.

Black Blood was a little better, but not by much. When I got to it I was expecting a lot more from it and really it was pretty much like The Last Vampire. Slow at times and you felt as if the story just dragged on and on and you would give anything for it to end... Well I finally finished it and I was so relieved that I did.

Red Dice was probably my favorite in the whole Thirst No. 1 book! It was more fast paced, well to me anyway, and...I don't know it was just a lot more faster then the first two books. It just seem like there was a plot while the last two books didn't have one. Alisa is still her self-absorbed self, but I think she's gotten a little bit better about caring about other people then herself. When I finished Red Dice I'm here debating if I should get the second book, or not...

Would I recommend this book to anyone...? I'm not sure it really, really depends on the person doing the reading.

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